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Let's Help Raise Some Steem For Hurricane Harvey Relief!


In case you missed it, Texas in the US has been wrecked by Hurricane Harvey and many people have lost homes and died.


All money raised via this post or sent to me with the memo #Minnows4Harvey will be donated to one of the charities below to help support Hurricane Harvey relief!

Anybody who comments #Minnows4Harvey that either upvoted or shares proof they donated via the below methods will get an upvote from me.

If you also make your own #Minnows4Harvey post, link it below and I’ll add it to this post for as long as I can edit it.

More Ways To Help

Twitch Streams

Check Out GamesDoneQuick! 3 Days of Speedrunning games on Twitch for the Houston Food Bank

Twitch Texas is doing a 3 day game marathon also if you prefer slower games.

Direct Donations

Donation Proof

Haven’t got payout on this post yet but I did donate $50 of my own money to GamesDoneQuick above to help show I’m serious about this. Check here for Proof


  • September 1st 10:27pm CST: Reworded to make clear that you only need to provide proof if you donate offsite to get an upvote, I can see you upvote or donate here so no need to provide proof, just comment with the hashtag
  • September 1st 9:33pm CST: Add proof of a $50 donation of my own money to GDQ
  • September 1st 9:26pm CST: Add Twitch Texas as another Twitch Fundraiser