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If you are wondering how I making money with devices passively running while I mostly do nothing, this page will describe what services and devices I use plus links to blog posts with tips!

Disclaimer: I have no job because very few people want to hire an autistic teen who has weight, sight, sleep, and knee issues. So I'm here doing this all day and most likely make more than an average person would doing this. Your results may very.

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Here I'll mention what updates I made to this page.

If you are wondering what the "version number" for each update means... 1st number is for major updates (major page structure changes), the second is for other big changes (new tips, websites, devices), and the third is mostly for very minor things like spelling.

  • v6: August 23rd, 2017:
    • Apps
      • Reorganized a lot of sections
        • Divide up Videos into Offerwall sites (sites that merely wraparound 3rd-party providers including Offerwalls like Adwall and Video providers like EngageMe) and Videos (sites that use their own video provider without other site features like surveys, search, etc.)
        • Rename Bitcoin section to Faucets to account for posible Faucets in non-Bitcoin currencies and to put sites that aren't faucets but still Bitcoin focused in the right category.
      • Add Search Category
      • Added many new apps including Steem, Qmee, ShopTracker, CitizenMe, etc.
    • Earnings
      • Added Referral Links to apps that have them.
      • Added Search and Offerwalls category like the apps page.
      • Now displays amounts rounded to 2 decimal places instead of only the whole number, should fix apps like Google Opinion Rewards showing $0 cause the rounding.
    • Devices
      • Added Fire 7 tablet
      • Removed 1 Zone 3 because more Battery bloat, all but 1 died

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