Money Routine

If you are wondering how I making money with devices passively running while I mostly do nothing, this page will describe what services and devices I use plus links to blog posts with tips!

Disclaimer: I have no job because very few people want to hire an autistic teen who has weight, sight, sleep, and knee issues. So I'm here doing this all day and most likely make more than an average person would doing this. Your results may very.

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Here I'll mention what updates I made to this page.

If you are wondering what the "version number" for each update means... 1st number is for major updates (major page structure changes), the second is for other big changes (new tips, websites, devices), and the third is mostly for very minor things like spelling.

  • v5.2: July 6th, 2017:
    • Apps/Sites
      • Updated Bitcoin section with info on the new CoinPot site merge
      • Rearrange some sites based on usage.
    • Devices
      • Built a new PC for Main, moved Acer All-in-one to current, move HP Stream and TOSHIBA Laptop to Former
      • Add Acer R11 Laptop I got for free.
  • v5.1: June 2nd, 2017:
    • Apps/Sites
      • Added PrizeRebel and moved Earn.GG to Variety section
      • Added new Passive Interest section for savings accounts and moved the stocks section there.
  • v5: May 29th, 2017:
    • Page Split!
      • The previous sections are now split into multiple pages.
      • Currently mostly moved the current sections to separate pages but will eventually add new sections and make it more into a guide with more detailed tips and info.
    • Devices
      • Updated some Primary/Secondary apps stuff
      • Moved tip about buying devices from Tips section to it's own section here.
      • Add promotion for the Store to buy what I use.
    • Tips
      • Separating Tips into sections like Device Management.
    • Apps/Sites
      • Add LeadsLeap to Link Shortners/Ad Monetization

Previous Changes