Casting Over To Steemit

1 minute read Published:

Hello Steemit community!

My name is Brandon Giesing, I run a YouTube/Vidme channel called CosiCast where I make edits/mashups of various things from anime to games. I also do a lot of stuff in the Beermoney and Bitcoin communities so when I found out about this, I just had to join. (Special Thanks to @GamerPool / @btcvenom for telling me about this on the /r/Beermoney Discord, go check them out!)


I hope to be sharing a lot of stuff here (including videos from CosiCast over on DTube!) in the future so if you like anime, games, money, bitcoin, and technology, you’ll find stuff about all of those here. In the meanwhile, you can also check me out at my website (where I have a Beermoney guide), CosiCast, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more.