Here Comes The Steem Train! | Updates & Stuff 5

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Time for more updates! This one focuses a bit less on the website for once and more on other various projects!


I’m now on this blogging platform called Steem which you get paid to post. If that sounds familar, you might remember multiple platforms in the past that promised the same (Tsu, Rabadaba, etc.) but this one is quite a bit different!

Unlike those, Steem is not only a blog but a full blown platform consisting of their own Crypto Currency (think Bitcoin), a blockchain (also like Bitcoin, allows everything to be verifible and distributed), and multiple apps (some official and some unofficial) based on said Blockchain and currency:

  • Steemit: The main app, a blog platform kinda like Medium where you publish articles to topic channels instead of managing your own site.
  • DTube: A decentralized YouTube-clone powered by Steem and IPFS.
  • Busy: Alternate UI that’s more like a social network.
  • ChainBB: Another Alternate UI but this one is more like a Forum.
  • Streemian: Provides various services to enhance your experience like Cross-Posting

And that’s only a small few!

Speaking of Streemian and Cross-Posting, this post is an example of that! You can see it both on my website and on Steemit!

Check me out on Steem!

Website Updates

  • Updated site to Ghost 1.7.1
  • Updated Mapache theme to 2.0.9
    • Tweets now displayed on the Homepage Sidebar
    • Native support (no longer have to modify the code myself)
    • Telegram Notification Channel now linked in header (icon is broken, waiting on dev to fix)
  • Money Routine updated, way more sites and earnings spreadsheet is improved.


CosiCast recently celebrated it’s 2 Year Anniversary! Thanks everyone for all the support over the past two years, if you haven’t seen the 2 year video it’s embedded below.


Also I mentioned DTube above, I’m now using it in addition to YouTube and Vidme for CosiCast! So far it’s working pretty great and I even got to help out the creator of DTube, @heimindanger, with a Linux Bash Script for the upcoming update. (Will edit with his announcement when it goes live tomorrow)

Thanks again for all the support and I’ll see you guys next time!