Announcing Castober!

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Redefining and Remaking CosiCast
Having just past the 2 year anniversary of making videos made me reflect on what I’ve made over these past couple of years. Seeing what I liked the most, what I hated, and thinking about what I can do to improve. I’ve noticed multiple things that I want to discuss about below and I’ll do it through a special event I’m calling Castober. Redefining 3 months ago, I announced some big changes to the channel and basically none of them happened…

CosiCast 2016 Lookback

A lookback at how my video content improved in 2016.
From all the tragedies, YouTube’s crap, Trump, and more, this year has been one with many problems… However, there’s been good things also including great new games, Scientific and Medical breakthroughs, and even more. However, none of the above is the focus right now. Instead let’s take a moment to lookback at how I’ve improved the video content I make! This is the 2016 Lookback at CosiCast. (formally CosiTube and before that my name)