Announcing Castober!

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Redefining and Remaking CosiCast

Having just past the 2 year anniversary of making videos made me reflect on what I’ve made over these past couple of years. Seeing what I liked the most, what I hated, and thinking about what I can do to improve. I’ve noticed multiple things that I want to discuss about below and I’ll do it through a special event I’m calling Castober.


3 months ago, I announced some big changes to the channel and basically none of them happened…

  • Simplifying existing shows by merging Shorties and In 60 Seconds
  • Making two new shows which are going to be the first on-camera shows by me
  • Reviving Pravox VARIETY as CAST Channel

In fact, after that post I basically made even less than before, too focused on trying to bring those to reality and ended up actually doing nothing. I tried to redefine CosiCast but I overpromised and underdelivered.

Now I wanna take a step back and redefine CosiCast from a different angle, simpler and without going too big. So what is happening?

  1. CAST Channel is still happening but it’s being greatly simplified from the initial concept. I will still do special promos, the cool retro ad breaks, and the like but I’m not going to be doing the full on editing of videos into reusable 30-60min programs as it was too complex and time consuming to re-edit a bunch of stuff.
  2. Cosi Conversations may eventually be a thing but it’s definitely not going to be an on-camera show when I finally do get around to it. Cosi Commentary is not happening.
  3. Show Simplification is still happening but in a slightly different way

The last one I’m gonna go into a bit more detail on below:

Show Simplification

Right now, I have multiple “shows”. These are basically things I use to categorize the types of videos I make by shared traits.

These included:

  • Shorties | Short random videos covering a range of things from music edits to memes.
  • Fan Music Videos (aka FMVs) | Music edits based on a topic or specific fandom using a full length song.
  • Promo Promotions | Fan ads to promote Internet creators, TV Shows, Games, and more!
  • The Weekly Prime | 5 topics recapped in 1-5 minutes. (Replaced by Cosi Conversations)
  • Casting With Cosi | Weekly variety show featuring news, tips, spotlights, music, listener call-ins, and more on
  • In 60 Seconds | A topic presented in a fast pace, visual only way! No text or talking, only images, videos, and music!

It got way too complex and a lot of them overlapped so last time I ditched all but Shorties and FMVs along with making Promo Promotions the CAST Channel Promos plus merging The Weekly Prime and Casting With Cosi into Cosi Conversations. Since then: Cosi Conversations never happened, only 1 CAST Promo, no FMVs, and only a few Shorties.

So what am I doing this time to hopefully simplify the show lineup? Well basically I’m completely ditching “shows” for most of the videos! As you may have noticed, the majority of my videos has been classified as Shorties. If most of my content is these short, random videos that have a vast range of styles from funny mashup memes to basically short music video clips, why are they considered the same category or categorized at all? So starting this month, anything that was considered Shorties is no longer being “branded” as a show. They will just be considered normal uploads.

As for the other “shows”, they will still be categorized as separate things but there’s a few changes to each:

  • FMVs: I’m dropping the Fan part and I’m just gonna call them Music Videos
  • Promo Promotions/CAST Promos: I’ll do both depending on what it’s for. CAST Promos for CAST Channel and Promo Promotions when I feel like making a random promo.

tl:dr: All videos considered Shorties aren’t gonna be called that anymore, CAST Channel still coming, Cosi Conversations still coming but will be tweaked slightly, Cosi Commentary is never coming.


Okay now that we got that out of the way, let’s discuss the main reason I’m making this post! Since I’ve made so many less videos this year (only 16 for all of 2017 to date), I’m going to be doing something for the rest of October called Castober.

Castober is gonna be an event until the end of the month where I’m going to do 2 things:

  1. Go back into the archives and remake some videos that either sucked badly or I liked but still think I could do better.

  2. New content including videos and more!


If you look back at a lot of my old videos, you will likely see how much my content has changed over time. There’s many reasons for this from different editing software, using higher quality source material, newer hardware that can handle editing the higher res material and without glitching, etc. There’s so many videos I made that I really don’t like anymore cause how poorly done they were or were limited by the stuff I just listed even if it wasn’t super terrible.

So for this Castober, I’m gonna be remaking a lot of these videos. Most of these are gonna be from 2016 and prior as most of my 2017 videos have been pretty good (but a few might be redone). I’ve not decided exactly which videos but here’s a select few I’m likely gonna do to start just to give you an idea:

  1. Lost In The Ending | Hyperdimension Neptunia | Shorties
    • This was the first video I did with an outro animation, standardized thumbnail style, and the Shorties show name.
  2. The End of Gravity Falls | Gravity Falls | Fan Music Video (FMV)
    • This one I want to improve by removing the “photo slideshow” parts and updating it to my newer editing style while also adding in more clips.
  3. Bendy Builders | Bendy and the Ink Machine | Shorties
    • One of those 2017 videos I said might be redone, this one I want to remove the photo parts like the above one and add in some actual game content alongside the fan animations.

Also exclusively for Steem/DTube, I’m gonna be reuploading some of my favorite old videos with a new thumbnail and updated outro under the banner “Cosi Classics”. Some of these might be alongside the remade ones while others won’t be remade. The first of these reuploads will be coming later today, a reupload of my Halloween video from last year “Happy Halloween | Spooky Scary Skeletons | Fan Music Video (FMV)”.

New Content

Alongside the redone old content will be some actually new content! This includes more random videos, maybe an FMV, a halloween video, and CAST Channel!

CAST Channel

It’s finally time! CAST Channel is here!

With the issues I explained above, I’m scaling back CAST Channel slightly so the following is what’s happening:

  • Hosted by Intenu (for now, may or may not change at a later date)
  • New content will be added weekly! Each week’s lineup will always have a select few shows that will be mixed in with random content. Weekly Content changes will be posted with each week’s new lineup.

Recurring Shows include:

  • CAST Channel Exclusives
    • CAST Presents: A Showcase of specific series/creator
    • CAST Crunch: Food shows
    • CAST Tune: A collection of Music based on a single genre/artist/album/etc or a random mix
    • Cosi Conversations (once I start making it)
    • Tech News Weekly
    • The New Screen Savers
  • Monstercat: Call of the Wild
  • Nostalgia Critic

Check it out right now!

tl:dr: Remaking some old videos this month along with finally launching CAST Channel and some other new vids.

I hope you all love these changes but I would love to hear your feedback! Let me know what you think below!