Hugo 'Hat Stitch' 2018 Update

7 minute read Published:

It's been 7 months and lots of changes, time to recap!
7 months ago, I moved this site over to Hugo after using Ghost to make the site way faster and to have more control over what I could post. That became known as the “Inky Abyss” update continuing my practice of naming updates for no real reason. Fast forward to now and I’ve changed so much but haven’t made a single post about the website either here, on Steem, or social media. The 'Inky Abyss' Update

3 minute read Published:

New Website updates!
Welcome to the new! The ‘Inky Abyss’ Update Welcome to the brand-new website! Now way faster and simplier than before! Some things will be a bit rough around the edges while I migrate. If you see any issues, contact me on Twitter. If you can’t find something from the old site, an Outdated copy of old Ghost site is up on GitHub just in case. Just like last time (The Nepdate), I’m continuing the tradition of naming major updates in reference to fandoms (Hyperdimension Neptunia).