Over the years, I have done (or contributed to) a variety of projects.


To not be so repetitive, here’s a key of abbreviations for what states projects are in

Abbreviation Meaning
DISC Discontinued
CUR Current (actively working on)
HIA Hiatus (not discontinued but also not being actively worked on)
AC Actively Contributing To
NAC Not Actively Contributing To

Personal Projects

Pravox Networks (DISC) / CASTchannel (CUR)

Pravox Logo
A very passionate project of mine whose goal was to make linear TV-like stations for online content.

It was similar to with a few differences:

Ultimately, shut down because almost nobody ever watched and the few who didn’t want to contribute making it impossible to continue.

Archived Website on GitHub Pages


CASTchannel is my 2nd try at the idea, I’m currently working on it.

Vox Variety (DISC)

Vox Variety Logo
Before Pravox Networks, Vox Variety tried to be an internet radio station mixing popular music with small indie artists who can’t get on radio.

Shutdown because Radionomy (the hoster) got sued and shut it down.

Archived Website on GitHub Pages

Famigo/Voxive Android Tools (DISC)

A set of tools for Android devices that I released over the years, all are currently discontinued.

All (unless stated) were called Famigo and later rebranded Voxive before shutting down.


Based on PA GApps remover by TKRuzze, it added:

XDA Thread (Unsupported)


A GApps package based on PA GApps that added:

Discontinued with some functionality merged into Open GApps’ AROMA package.

XDA Thread (Unsupported)

Famigo and Vox ROMs

Two different ROMs here:

Famigo was discontinued because it was a crappy mod not based on source while Vox was discontinued as most of the patches got merged in or dropped by AOSPA themselves and Vox Remover could do the other half.

Small Random Code Things

Playboard Channels (HIA)

I was frustrated with trying find to certain types of new and interesting Android apps (Keyboards, Launchers, etc) because the Play Store was cluttered with a boatload of themes (mostly from Go apps) so you couldn’t really find actual apps, just themes for one of those apps.

I made these Playboard channels to share ones I found to make it easier for others. I don’t actively update it much anymore but I may come back eventually.

Playboard Profile

Contributed Projects

The Eternal Jukebox (AC)

Website that allows you to listen to a song infinitely without the repetitiveness of just looping by detecting multiple cut points. Was formally The Infinite Jukebox by EchoNest before Spotify bought EchoNest and a fan of the site took over with official blessing of the original creator.

I’ve made two big contributions to the upcoming rewrite on the frontend side:

Official Website GitHub Source Code

Open GApps (NAC)

Open GApps Banner

My biggest contribution was porting the site to Jekyll and adding a blog. Also updated app sources, fixed some bugs (mostly with the AROMA package), and helped start the Android TV Stock package.

After a dispute, I left the team but have no grudges against them and I still use it personally.

Official Website GitHub Source Code

Cumulus TV (NAC)

Not my Logo
Android TV app to add IPTV streams to Google’s Live Channels app.

Official Website GitHub Source Code

News Articles

Sometimes I send tips to news websites and they mention me as the source. All links below will be formatted like so: Article Name (Date of Publish MM/DD/YYYY).

Chrome Story

A website for news on Google’s Chrome, Chrome OS, Chromebooks, Chromecast, and more.

OMG! Chrome

Another Google Chrome news site like Chrome Story.

Google Operating System

A website for news on all Google products.