Tips | Money Routine

While a lot of these things with very little intervention or setup, there’s various ways you can maximize your earnings and keep your devices running smooth!

Adscend Media’s Passive Earners

Lots of sites now offer passive earning though 3 platforms made by Adscend Media. So here are a few tips that apply across all sites with them.

  1. They offer 3 platforms with different types of content.
  1. Know your limits.
  1. Some EngageMe/Smores channels earn better than others.

Device Management

A lot of the beermoney sites only offer Amazon but what do you do with that GC balance (especially if the item you want isn’t on Amazon)? Usually you could trade the code before you redeem (subreddits like /r/GCTrading are good for this) but what if you already redeemed it or just don’t want to do an exchange via Reddit? is a cool site where you can either buy things on Amazon with Bitcoin for a discount or fulfill those Bitcoin orders by buying the item for them with your Amazon GC Balance you otherwise wouldn’t be using.

It works similarly to those trades I mentioned above, you agree to give up a small percentage of what you spend because you really need the cash instead of GC. So if the person you are buying for asked for a 20% discount on a $50 item, you would pay the $50 to buy the item for them while they give you $40. Even though you do lose some money since the rates aren’t the best… if you really needed it, it’s still worth it.