Get some of my best Wallpapers and help support Charity!

Want a new look for your device? Get some of my best original Wallpapers and help support charity in the process!

If you use Gumroad, you can pay what you want and I’ll donate 50% of the proceeds from this Collection to the EFF and Wikimedia Foundation to help keep the internet a great and informative place! If you use Coinbase, it’s a set price of $1 in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Due to how it works, I can’t donate the 50% to charity and I can’t make it pay-what-you-want so I would prefer you use Gumroad but I understand some people might want to use Crypto for various reasons. You will have to provide Name and email so I can send you the files.

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The Wallpapers

There are 9 total wallpapers available divided into 4 groups:

Sometimes I’ll add new wallpapers to the collection! If you previously bought it, let me know your order number and I’ll see if you are eligible to get the new additions for no extra cost!

The Charities

I’ll donate 50% of all Gumroad sales (after processing fees) to the EFF and Wikipedia Foundation (half to each). I’ll be doing this once a month or so depending on how big each purchase is (cause I have to do it manually and smaller purchases are harder to divide to donate) and then post proofs here so you guys know I’m actually doing it.


Whether it be dealing with fair use on YouTube to providing tools to make your browsing secure and private, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) helps to protect your rights in this digital age.


The Wikimedia Foundation runs one of the most popular and free information sources on the internet, Wikipedia, and aims to provide the public with easy and free access to knowledge.