Hurricane Harvey

Minnows4Harvey Update

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Donation Failed...
Thank you guys so much for the support of the #Minnows4Harvey charity post I did a week ago! I raised $9.05, $7.09 of which went to me for donations. The other $1.95 went to Curators who aren’t required to but it would be nice for them to donate their earnings also. Final Amounts I received 3.546 SBD and 2.459 STEEM POWER from the post so not all of the $7.


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Let's Help Raise Some Steem For Hurricane Harvey Relief!
In case you missed it, Texas in the US has been wrecked by Hurricane Harvey and many people have lost homes and died. #Minnows4Harvey All money raised via this post or sent to me with the memo #Minnows4Harvey will be donated to one of the charities below to help support Hurricane Harvey relief! Anybody who comments #Minnows4Harvey that either upvoted or shares proof they donated via the below methods will get an upvote from me.