Swagbucks Tips

Swagbucks is one of the best earners as they give large amounts and have many things you can do to earn those points (called Swagbucks/SBs). Here's a few tips for how to maximize your earnings without doing tons of surveys you won't qualify for and with any purchasing optional!


  • v5: September 3rd, 2017
    • Main SB app no longer has videos
    • Add info about how the apps now give you variable amounts and reset.
    • Add Section for Daily Quick Tasks
  • v4: August 8th, 2017
    • Add mention of main Swagbucks app which can be run also in addition to SBTV and the Yowgo apps.
    • Update the Favorites tip as iOS no longer supports it.
    • Update EngageMe as all channels are now HTML5 or Flash.
    • Update ToolbarTV as the playlists changed
    • Readd back the AYCE Ncrave playlists tip
    • Add section on Swago, Spin & Win, and Team Challenges
  • v3: March 3rd, 2017
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    • Give SwagCodes it's own section with more detail
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    • Added more detail to EngageMe info
    • Updated nCraves to mention Discovery playlist is not available right now.
  • v2: December 26th, 2016
    • Info about downgrading apps
    • Added EngageMe.TV and Search tips
    • Moved Watch to a new Old Tips section since I no longer do it.
    • nCrave tips now mention Chrome disabling Flash by default and that I use the Discovery playlist
  • v1: November 1st, 2016
    • New info about the updated ToolbarTV and nCraves
  • v0: October 22nd, 2016
    • Moved from main Money page

Passive Video Apps

Swagbucks has many mobile apps on both iOS and Android. They are some of the best ways to earn and each app is just videos that you can continuously play in the background on mute!

  • Run all of them! There's 6 apps (SB TV/Watch, Lifestylez, Sportly, EntertaiNow, IndyMusic, and MovieClips) and each of them has about 5 rounds that give you 1-4 SB each and the cap resets 3 times a day (Midnight, 2pm, and 6pm PST) That's 90-360 SB/day (32,400-129,600 SB/year) if you do all 6 apps. This isn't even accounting for bonus rounds so some days can be way better.
  • Use Android for all the apps. The Android versions allow you to Find the shortest possible video and favorite it (long press and tap "Add to Favorites") and it will loop it over and over. Since the shortest videos on each app range from 8 seconds to 30 seconds, you will bust through all the apps in no time and get the maximum earnings.
  • Do multiple apps at once! If you have more than one mobile device, run as many of the apps at once as you can! Just make sure you don't run the same app at the same time as they could detect that and ban you, so only 1 of each of the 6 apps at a time but all 6 can be run together.
  • Sometimes they release updates that don't work so well. You can work around this on Android by uninstalling the app, downloading and installing the old APK (APKPure is a good, safe source), and making sure to disable auto-update in the Play Store. iOS can't be downgraded.


Daily Quick Tasks

  • Daily Poll: Answer a question, 1 SB/day, 365 SB/year
  • Deal of the Day: Simply click it under the To-Do list, don't actually have to do the deal itself. 1 SB/day, 365 SB/year
  • Inbox: Check It, often contains simple ways to earn more! "Watch and Earn" is one of the best but there's also more.
  • Daily Goal: Check to see what your 2 goals are and complete at least the first one. You will get anywhere from 300-1000 SB/month extra
  • Search: Do a few searches a day, you may get some SBs on them.


Under the Adscend Media Offer Wall (otherwise known as AdWall), do any of the EngageMe.TV offers. These are on other sites also so just pick which one you want.

Having Flash enabled will get you more ads but is also more resource intensive. You can run 3 channels at a time on 3 separate devices (3 tabs/windows on same device WILL get you banned)

SwagButton Watch / ToolbarTV

The SwagButton (their Chrome/Firefox addon) has a section called Watch which pays 3SB for about 20-50 videos.

  • Some playlists work better than others, test them out as they change often.
  • You can do multiple of them at the same time on different computers. I've only tested 2 at once to be on the safe side.
  • Use the ToolbarTV link instead of the addon! The SwagButton Watch section actually pulls up this URL (http://toolbartv.swagbucks.com). Using that URL is preferred as you don't need the extension installed (which can slow your machine down badly) and if you're using Chrome/Firefox, you can mute tabs (right click on the tab > Mute Tab) but not pop-ups so this allows you to mute it without muting your whole computer.


Swagbucks has a section called nCraves which some autoplay. These are great if you are going to walk away for a while.

  • Use the Flashcontrol extension to prevent Flash from loading as your computer can get really bad with the Flash enabled OR disable Flash completely by going to chrome://plugins on Chrome-based browsers (Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, etc., not sure about Firefox or other browsers)
    • On any newer Chrome version (v55+) and Microsoft Edge, Flash is now auto-blocked for all sites by default so you don't have to worry about this. If you use a Chrome-based browser or non-Chrome-based browser like Firefox that doesn't do it yet, the above still applies.
  • Only do the ones with the Auto symbol on them (the blue circles with circle arrow or play button inside)
  • Higher Value ones will take longer (good if you need to leave) but smaller value ones will ultimately earn you more.
  • If you see a Happy Hour nCrave, do it! They are high value ones but with shorter time lengths!

The best playlists right now are the "All-you-can-eat" ones (Two ones called that and one called nCrave TV) It requires almost no interaction and most days it's stable enough to run the whole day without needing to check on it for around 12-16 SB/hour.

Swago, Spin & Win, and Team Challenges

These are three things Swagbucks does occasionally to make easy SB based on stuff you already do.

  • Swago
    • Complete as much of a bingo board by clicking the squares to do stuff.
    • Varies each Swago. Some are all nCraves, others are all Shopping, and some are a mix of all sorts of stuff.
    • Submit a pattern for more SB/s. Most Swago boards have a paid thing in the middle so you likely won't get a full board unless you want to pay more than the board is worth (if you are gonna buy it anyway, go ahead but just know that you aren't gonna make a profit if you do)
    • Some Swago boards also give you spins for Spin & Win for each square and the patterns.
  • Spin & Win
    • Spin the Wheel to earn either SBs, Swagstakes Entries, or Bonuses (usually Double Search Wins but there's been others like Double Survey SBs)
    • Swagbucks launched a daily version of Spin & Win but it was taken down to fix some bugs and will be coming back soon.
  • Team Challenges
    • Join the challenge and do normal tasks to earn points for a randomly assigned team.
    • Team that wins will get SwagUp bonuses (usually Redeem Discounts)
    • During the challenge, redeem all SwagCodes in SwagButton or App as codes redeemed on the website don't count get your team points


SwagCodes are easy points if you get them in time! They usually are 1-5 SB and only require typing the code in the SwagCode redeem box at the top of every page, the SwagButton extension, or the App.

http://sbcodez.com and the Swagbucks Subreddit posts them as soon as they come out and they have ways to get SMS/Push notifications of new codes.

Swagbucks has multiple different code types:

  • Regular Codes
    • The normal ones, enter them in any SwagCode box (Web, Mobile, Extension)
    • Sometimes other countries codes work for US and vice versa. Check them to make sure.
  • Stealth Codes
    • Similar to regular codes but have random stuff at the end that is unique for each user.
    • Example: StealthXXXXX where XXXXX is different for each user.
  • Mobile Mondays
    • Every Monday, codes can only be redeemed in the Swagbucks Mobile app.
    • US only, other countries get regular codes.
  • SwagButton Thursdays
    • Every Thursday, codes can only be redeemed in the SwagButton extension for Chrome and Firefox.
    • Disable the extension the rest of the time as it takes lots of memory usage and could lag your computer.
  • iSpy Tuesdays
    • They release 4 questions as clues and you use SB Search to find the answer.
    • Only good for a few thousand people so be fast!
  • Swag Code Extravaganza
    • Every so often, Swagbucks will have a day where they release many codes instead of just one. These are usually regular codes but sometimes also include Stealth ones.