Ways To Support Me

If you like the various projects I do (or have done in the past), a donation would be appreciated!

No money? No problem

Do you want to help me but have nothing yourself? Fear not, you still can!

Money Routine

One of the easiest ways is to signup for the “beermoney” services using the referral links on my Money Making Routine page and I’ll make a bit of money while you make money. A Win-Win for both of us!


If you are willing to let a webpage stay open and use a small portion of your CPU usage, you can run CosiMine which mines cryptocurrency with your browser.

Other Ways



You can pay me with good old fashioned cash at my PayPal.me page or with Dwolla by sending it to me@brandongiesing.com.

You can also use StreamElements if you want an alert to appear while I’m livestreaming.

Monthly contributions

If you want to support me on an on-going basis, there’s two separate ways you can do it:

Both get you extra benefits at various tiers based on how much you choose to give:


If you use Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, click the “Pay with ShapeShift” or “Donate with Coinbase Commerce” button below to send your coin to me.

Buying Stuff

You can also buy stuff from or for me!


You can buy stuff for me as a gift from my Amazon Wishlist.

Wallpaper Collection

You can buy my Wallpaper Collection to get some cool wallpapers I designed and support both me and charity in the process! 50% of all Gumroad proceeds go to either the EFF or Wikimedia Foundation.

Art Commissions

I can also do some Graphic Design work (mostly Wallpapers but Logos also)!

Just contact me at me@brandongiesing.com or on my Twitter for more details.

Other Stuff