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How much is your Steem post really worth?

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STUs Simplifed + Calculator!
I’ve noticed a lot here recently in the DTube Discord server that I’m having to explain this new concept called an STU. So let’s simplify my life (and yours) by explaining what the actual heck is an STU and how you can easily calculate it. What is an STU? When you look at your Steemit post, there’s a number there for how much your post is worth. For the longest time people didn’t know if that was USD, Steem, Steem Backed Dollars (SBD), or something else entirely. The 'Inky Abyss' Update

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New Website updates!
Welcome to the new! The ‘Inky Abyss’ Update Welcome to the brand-new website! Now way faster and simplier than before! Some things will be a bit rough around the edges while I migrate. If you see any issues, contact me on Twitter. If you can’t find something from the old site, an Outdated copy of old Ghost site is up on GitHub just in case. Just like last time (The Nepdate), I’m continuing the tradition of naming major updates in reference to fandoms (Hyperdimension Neptunia).

Announcing Castober!

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Redefining and Remaking CosiCast
Having just past the 2 year anniversary of making videos made me reflect on what I’ve made over these past couple of years. Seeing what I liked the most, what I hated, and thinking about what I can do to improve. I’ve noticed multiple things that I want to discuss about below and I’ll do it through a special event I’m calling Castober. Redefining 3 months ago, I announced some big changes to the channel and basically none of them happened…

Minnows4Harvey Update

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Donation Failed...
Thank you guys so much for the support of the #Minnows4Harvey charity post I did a week ago! I raised $9.05, $7.09 of which went to me for donations. The other $1.95 went to Curators who aren’t required to but it would be nice for them to donate their earnings also. Final Amounts I received 3.546 SBD and 2.459 STEEM POWER from the post so not all of the $7.


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Let's Help Raise Some Steem For Hurricane Harvey Relief!
In case you missed it, Texas in the US has been wrecked by Hurricane Harvey and many people have lost homes and died. #Minnows4Harvey All money raised via this post or sent to me with the memo #Minnows4Harvey will be donated to one of the charities below to help support Hurricane Harvey relief! Anybody who comments #Minnows4Harvey that either upvoted or shares proof they donated via the below methods will get an upvote from me.

Here Comes The Steem Train! | Updates & Stuff 5

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Time for more updates! This one focuses a bit less on the website for once and more on other various projects! Steem I’m now on this blogging platform called Steem which you get paid to post. If that sounds familar, you might remember multiple platforms in the past that promised the same (Tsu, Rabadaba, etc.) but this one is quite a bit different! Unlike those, Steem is not only a blog but a full blown platform consisting of their own Crypto Currency (think Bitcoin), a blockchain (also like Bitcoin, allows everything to be verifible and distributed), and multiple apps (some official and some unofficial) based on said Blockchain and currency:

Casting Over To Steemit

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Hello Steemit community!
My name is Brandon Giesing, I run a YouTube/Vidme channel called CosiCast where I make edits/mashups of various things from anime to games. I also do a lot of stuff in the Beermoney and Bitcoin communities so when I found out about this, I just had to join. (Special Thanks to @GamerPool / @btcvenom for telling me about this on the /r/Beermoney Discord, go check them out!) I hope to be sharing a lot of stuff here (including videos from CosiCast over on DTube!

Ghost 1.0, Apps, and More! | Updates & Stuff 4

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Time for more Updates & Stuff! This one covers a big website upgrade, some cool design tweaks, Telegram, and more!
A lot has changed since the last post but a lot of it isn’t visible so lets discuss it! Website Updates New Server As much as I loved using NearlyFreeSpeech, there was some issues with it involving Ghost. Ghost 1.0 just came out and now requires more stuff to install which NearlyFreeSpeech doesn’t allow being a shared host. So to upgrade to Ghost 1.0, I’ve moved over to DigitalOcean instead. This will cost a bit more ($5/month vs pay-per-usage which averaged $3/month) but will be better in the long run:

Casting to new heights! | Big CosiCast Update!

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CosiCast is getting a major overhaul with some HUGE changes!
Redefining Current Shows At the end of last year, I made some changes to CosiCast to divide my content up into Shows based on the content. These included: Shorties: Short random videos covering a range of things from music edits to memes. In 60 Seconds: A topic presented at a fast pace, visual only way! No text or talking, only images, videos, and music! Promo Promotions: Fan ads to promote Internet creators from YouTube, Twitch, and more!

More, More, More, and most importantly, MORE! | Updates & Stuff 3

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Another week and more updates! This week’s focus is doing more of various things. Support Me Page Updated If you love what I do, it would be really nice if you helped me to make more! That’s why I have a page with ways you guys can help me continue to do what I do. A lot of the options don’t even require you to have to spend money to do it.