Perk Tips

When people think of "Passive Video Earning Apps", Perk is one of the biggest ones. Recently, they haven't been the best but they are still decent enough with not as many options.


  • v2: March 3rd, 2017
    • Add Netflix Trailers to recommended Perk TV list.
    • Sort the apps by which ones I use more often
    • Change Perk v2 references as v2 is the main site now
    • Add's Bonus Video
    • Perk Search changes
  • v1: February 18th, 2017
  • v0: December 26th, 2016
    • Moved from main Money page.


Passive Apps


  • Run the apps section until values reduce to 0 points
  • Do the free daily scratcher
  • Convert to Perk Points in the Redeem tab.

Perk TV

  • Run passively 24/7
  • App Trailers, Perk Productions, or Netflix Trailers playlist are best
  • Enable "Low Resolution Video" in the navigation drawer/hamburger menu/sidebar.

Perk Pop Quiz

  • Enable "Lightning Mode" in the navigation drawer/hamburger menu/sidebar.
  • Do Daily Quiz and try to answer as good as possible
  • The rest of time, don't touch the device while a quiz runs. Lighting Mode will let your earn points even for answering everything wrong.

Viggle or Perk TV Live

  • Check in when you watch TV
  • Do Viggle's Quizzes during commercial break.
  • Post on Twitter through PTV Live to get points.

Other Apps

Unlock & Win

  • Lockscreen with random chance for tokens or points
  • Do the occasional videos inside the app.

Web Bonus Video

Go to's Bonus Video page and play anything there. A lot of the times it will play 5-15 times and each one is usually 11 points.

  • Choose Low Quality mode under the menu (click your avatar)


Just like InstaGC and Swagbucks, you can do any of the EngageMe.TV offers under the Adscend Media Offer Wall. (otherwise known as AdWall) Go to Perk's site and find Adscend Media under Complete Offers

The Flash powered ones like App Trailers are more resource intensive but do get you more ads so try to run them if possible. If you can't, the HTML5 ones like How-To and Gaming work also.

Like other sites, you can use Perk as your search engine but unlike the others who only every so many searches you get points, you will always get points (between 2-20 usually) with Perk's Yahoo search.

Perk Codes

Perk Codes are shared on their social media and are usually about 10-50 points.

  • If enough people use it, everybody will also get an additional bonus amount so if you know somebody who also uses Perk, make sure to share it with them.
  • Expires after a few hours. (who also does the SB codes) posts them as soon as they come out in their chat box and on a 2nd Twitter account. (which you can use to get SMS/Push notifications)