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This page shows what I’ve made from what I described on the past few pages. As I said on the 1st page disclaimer, your results may vary tons so don’t blame me if you don’t earn as much.

All earnings are my own on most sites. The only sites I have active referrals on currently are InstaGC, Swagbucks, and FreeBitcoin

2018 Earnings

Like last year, I’m continuing to use a spreadsheet to auto-update earnings here. This year I added the Summary tab (which also shows expense categories) to the public embed. I’m still keeping the specific expenses private however.

2017 Earnings

Starting April 2017, I’m now tracking earnings each month instead of All-Time like I was doing. I went back to get 99.99% of earnings from January to now before I started tracking but it might be slightly inaccurate for earnings before then cause I might have missed stuff.

Since it’s updated live from a Google Sheet I use to track Income and Expenses, it also contains any Income I receive including non-Beermoney earnings. 99% of Earnings are from Beermoney however.

Pre-2017 Earnings Archive

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