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The following is a list of apps/sites I use or have used in the past divided into sections of what type of stuff you do to earn. Each one includes some basic info and tips plus some even have dedicated pages full of tips for them.

If they are linked or include a code, it's my referral link! Plus, they are shortened with which shows an ad redirect. So if they don't have a link or you don't want to use my referrals/paid links, just search for them with your favorite search engine instead.



To qualify as a "Variety" site/app, these ones have to include any combination of Videos, OfferWalls, Surveys, Search, Downloads, etc and some of the features have to be made by themselves, not a third-party (like EngageMe for instance for videos). These usually pay big cause the vast amount of stuff you can do and the unique exclusive features.

  • Swagbucks (Web+Apps)
    • Probably the best to start off with if you only have one or two devices, high earner.
  • MyPoints (Web+Apps)
    • Owned by same company as Swagbucks
    • Unlike SBs, GCs are instant, To-Do List can be completed easier (you can get all 5 with a single click assuming you have a BonusEmail that day and if not, you just need to do 1 nCrave), etc. Basically Swagbucks but a bit easier.
  • InstaGC (Web)
    • Instant cashouts, great if you need to quickly get an extra dollar or so.
    • Tips
  • Perk (Web/Apps)
  • EarnHoney (Web/Apps)
    • Some ads are really bad about crashing computers but when it works, it works really good.
  • Checkpoints (Apps) [Use Code: bgiesing for referral]
    • Tap "Play All" under videos.
    • Check into to nearby businesses.
    • Surveys
  • Earnably (Web)
    • Daily codes on Earnably's social media and some Beermoney sites have bonus codes (TheTechSlug's Facebook Group, BrokeStudentSupply, etc.)
    • Offerwalls, Surveys, EngageMe, VideoLab, VideoLoyalty, and more.


These sites/apps are mostly a "wrapper" around offerwalls and 3rd-party video providers like EngageMe, VideoLab, and VideoLoyalty with nothing provided by themselves. Not the fastest earners but if you are a busy person, most of these run with 24/7 with very little intervention!

  • (Web)
    • EngageMe, VideoLab, Offer Walls, and Daily Bonus
    • Pays in Bitcoin, PayPal, Gift Cards (including Amazon) and some gaming services for CS.GO skins
    • Gambling
    • Works as a Twitch tipping service (ala Streamlabs/TwitchAlerts or Streamtip)
    • 5% referral commissions for life and 1,000 point join bonus
  • GoP2Win (Web)
    • Run by a fellow "beermoney" user
    • EngageMe and Adwall
  • TheTechSlugs
    • Offerwall/EngageMe site run by fellow Beermoney member, TheTechSlugs, known for their $1K+/month routine videos on YouTube.
    • Also offers random TTS points via the Money Volcano multiple times a day
    • Reedemable for PayPal or Amazon
  • XenoGifts
    • EngageMe, VideoLab and OfferWalls.
    • Mostly Gaming focused so has a lot of Steam games for discounts but also has Amazon Gift Cards.


These apps play videos 24/7 with little to no intervention. Unlike the Offerwall and Variety categories above, these ones use videos by themselves and not a third-party provider and also it's the only thing they do.

  • KoinMe (Web)
    • Super stable and fast
    • Caps at about $1 a day, can get more with Refferals
  • YooLotto/YooRewards (Apps) [Use Code: F9OUTA for referral]
    • Run "Watch & Earn" 24/7
    • Most stable phone app and allows Unlimted devices
  • Rewardable TV (Apps) [Use Code: BGIESING for Referral]
    • Watch the any of the playlists 24/7
      • Top Trending GIF or Streaming Sketches are my usual ones.

Social Networking

These sites/apps aren't going to be fast earners but if you make stuff online (like videos or art), you are already going to promote it so might as well earn a few cents from it.

  • Steem (Web)
    • Cryptocurrency/Blockchain powered platform (Social Network, Video Host, Blog, etc.)
  • (Web/Apps)
    • Post your original photographs and drawings!
    • Monetizes with ad earnings like YouTube.
    • Allows videos so use it in addition to or instead of YouTube.
  • Niume (Web)
    • Blogging platform similar to Medium (aka you make articles without worrying about maintaining your own blog) that pays.
    • Also allows photo posts like


These sites/apps run 99.9999% passive and pay you for your data. One of the slowest but most consistent and least effort earners. However if you don't want to sell your data even for a reward, avoid these.

  • Cross Media Panel (Web/Apps)
    • Install Chrome/Firefox add-on and Android/iOS apps
  • Panel App by Placed (Apps)
    • iOS and Android
    • Connect Facebook for a bonus
    • Do bonus poll questions when you get the notification for it
  • Storj Share (Desktop)
    • Dedicate hard drive space to chunks of other user's encrypted files and get paid for "renting" it.
  • ShopTracker (Desktop/Apps)
    • $3 Prepaid VISA for sending them your Amazon history once a month.


Faucets are sites that pay you for completing a captcha every so many minutes or hours. Most of them pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies which means the amount you earn can change value at any moment so keep a track on BTC prices and withdraw as soon as price drops significantly to minimize loss.

These won't be included in the earnings below because of Bitcoin's constant price changes.

  • (Web)
    • Fill out the CAPATCHA and claim once an hour.
    • Disable Lottery in Settings and try to stock up on Reward Points (RP) by redeeming RP for a RP bonus on each roll. Once you have a nice stock of RPs where you can buy both an RP bonus and Free BTC bonus while still being able to regain the RP, do it for maximum BTC.
    • Disable Automatic Withdrawals and use their Earn tab to earn interest. The amount of interest you earn each day will grow as you continue to claim.
      • TIP: Use the Deposit feature to get a BTC wallet address and use that address for all the below sites to combine all the BTC withdrawals into and earn intrest!
  • BitMaker by CakeCodes (Apps) [Use Code: RDEEVG for Referral]
    • Claim 500 Blocks every 30 Mins
    • Buy a Time Boost for 1,000 Blocks and claim every 10 minutes for 2 hours. Buy them till you get capped (1 to 4 a day) and then claim at the normal 30 mins the rest of the day.
  • CoinPot (Web) Sites
    • All of these can pay to a shared balance with a CoinPot account (aka faster withdraws as multiple sites earn faster) which can be cashed out at any time if over minimums or without an account once a week.
    • Supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin
    • Withdrawal at 0.0001 BTC, 50 DOGE, and 0.001 LTC
    • All of them also have offerwalls which includes VideoLab by OfferToro and EngageMe
    • (Web)
      • Claim once a day (by UTC time) as when it's built up, you will get a bigger mystery bonus and a daily bonus
    • BitFun (Web)
      • The longer you wait the bigger the claim will be, no bonus though so claim whenever you want.
    • BonusBitcoin (Web)
      • Claim every 15 minutes, doesn't get bigger by waiting like the other two.


These sites/apps require more effort but (usually) pay high amounts each day by doing small manual labor like Surveys, translations, transcriptions, recording audio/video, and more.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk [MTurk] (Web)
    • The best survey/task site!
    • Pays to Amazon GC or Amazon Payments (which can be exported to your bank)
    • TIP: Use Hit Notifier, MT Suite, and Turkopticon to find new tasks, see stats, and find reviewers about tasks to reduce rejections from bad requesters as they can reduce what HITs you get.
  • Google Opinion Rewards (Apps)
    • Super easy surveys that are usually at most 5 questions and take a minute
    • Get Play Store credit for Android apps/games or media like movies, music, books, magazines, TV Shows, etc.
  • (SMS)
    • Sign up and get text messages, click the link and get paid instantly to PayPal
  • CitizenMe (Apps)
    • Answer a couple of easy questions and get paid straight to PayPal
  • 1Q (SMS/Apps)
    • Similar to CitizenMe but via SMS with an optional app that gives you extra earning possiblities.


These sites/apps pay you for renting your phone's lockscreen to show ads. You can use as many as you want but keep in mind that the more you have, the longer it will take you to get to what you need on the phone. These only work on Android due to iOS limitations.

  • S'more (Apps) [Use Code: TQOYZ0 for referral]
    • Lockscreen app that pays 10 cents guaranteed per day no matter how often you unlock
    • Also has Peanut Lab Surveys
    • Cashout any amount over $1 for an Amazon GC (even odd amounts like 6.25) or a set amount for some Gift Cards like Google Play.
  • Fronto (Apps) [Use Code: bgiesing for referral]
    • Lockscreen app that pay's 10-20 points (usually) 95% of the time you unlock your screen.
    • 10 daily short ads a day and OfferWalls/App Offers under Earn More
  • Adme Lockscreen (Apps)
    • Enable the "annoying" mode with both ad types to earn more.
  • LifeSlide (Apps)
    • Works differently from other lockscreens in that it overlays an ad over your normal ones instead of adding a whole other layer
    • Enable all add types in Settings and Persistant Mode to get max earnings.
  • WHAFF Locker (Apps)
    • Lockscreen and Offers that pay you
    • Like Fronto, not every swipe is worth money
  • SurveyCow (Apps)
    • Answer a simple multiple choice question everytime you unlock
    • Pays in PayPal
  • SlideJoy (Apps)
    • Lockscreen app that pay's a variable amount when you unlock your screen.

Link Shortners/Ad Monetization

These sites/apps allow you to earn ad revenue either by actual ads on your site or a "redirect" page with an ad on a shortened link. Can be effective if you have lots of people viewing your content that will click links but be warned as a lot of them have some bad ads that can give viruses so choose carefully.

  • (Web)
    • Link Shortening
    • Script for your site that shows entry/exit ads and auto shortens links.
    • Pays via PayPal
  • CoinURL (Web)
    • Link Shortening
    • Banner Ads
    • Auto-shortening script
    • Pays Bitcoin
  • LeadsLeap (Web)
    • Unique link tracker that you earn more the longer the person stays on the page.
    • Banner Ads
    • Earn credits by clicking others Ads
    • Exchange credits to money via Payza or use them to advertise.

These apps pay you for searching like you would normally on Google, Bing, etc.

  • Microsoft Rewards (Web/Apps/Desktop)
    • Search with Bing
    • Run Microsoft Edge for the browse and earn
    • Complete Dashboard tasks
  • Qmee (Web)
    • Search the web normally and some results will give you coupon codes or actual money.
    • Check their Reddit and Discord for what others got paid for, you might get lucky and get paid for the same search too.


  • ReceiptHog (Apps)
    • Snap photos of all your receipts within 14 days of purchase
    • Do the slots if you get spins
    • Connect Amazon and email for one-time coin bonuses and 5 free sweep entries every month.
  • AppLike (Apps)
    • Passive App Downloader
    • Download apps and open them
    • You will earn points every few minutes regardless of if you actually use it.


These ones I used to do but stopped because I either couldn't get them to work at all, they take way too long to do, or are scams you should avoid.


  • InboxDollars (Web+Apps)
    • Confirm all PaidEmails (2 cents each)
    • Do InboxDollars TV (I do the Tech channel as it's short videos)
    • Do the 50 daily videos in the video section (not TV, confusing right?)
    • Sweeps entries are a separate point system so enter them as you won't lose any of your earnings.
  • AdLove (Apps) [Referral only for first 15 people!! 0/15 used!]
    • Do Bonus Video and Another Bonus Video sections till you hit the limit.
  • Adfun (Apps)
    • Run Channel 5 24/7
    • Do Daily Check-in
  • Cake/ChargerPay (Apps)
    • Display ads while your phone charges.
    • Never paid out/scam

Social Networking

  • Rabadaba (Web+Apps)
    • Changed into a pet-focused site, not bad if you want that but I personally used it for promoting art/videos so it's not useful for me specifically anymore.
    • Post as much as you can! More posts equals more points!
    • Don't spam or use content you don't own! One it's against the rules and second, people are more likely to vote for good content.
    • Up/Down vote as many posts as you can a day. Try to hit the limit.
    • Redab/Repost other's works.
    • Make a hashtag to categorize your posts! It's easier for people to vote on your stuff if they can find it (since Rabadaba doesn't let people filter redabs out of your profile.


  • Surveys on the GO (Apps)
    • Do the quick surveys.


  • FeaturePoints (Apps)
    • Download apps to make money
    • Awesome referral program where you get 50% of what your friends get for life!

Passive Interest

Once you've earned money via the above sites, you should put some of it into these sites to earn interest on them if you aren't actively using it all.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts earn slowly but are very stable and consistent. There's two main types, "normal" which allows up to 6 withdrawals per month in case you really need the cash and CD (aka Certificate of Deposit) which has no withdrawals unless you pay a massive penalty but usually has higher rates for more earnings.

I use Ally Bank as their normal Savings accounts has one of the highest rates at 1.15% APY (most are under 1%, usually like 0.01% so it's massively better).

For Bitcoin, you can use as mentioned above.


Stocks are very volatile! Don't go crazy and lose everything!

  • Robinhood
    • Free (as in no fees, not no money entirely) to do stock market trading
    • By joining with someone's Referral (mine above), you will get a completely free share (so both no fees and no money from you) on join and a free share for anyone who signs up under you! So if you want to try stocks with basically no risk as it's all profit, this is a great way to do it.

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