InstaGC Tips

InstaGC is a great site for a few simple reasons:

  1. They have a supportive staff! Most websites don’t seem to care about users at all but InstaGC works really hard to make sure users get the best they can.
  2. It’s in their name! Insta aka Instant! Almost everything on their site pays out instantly and you can cash out for many gift cards or PayPal instantly.
  3. Almost everything (including videos) is HTML5/Mobile compatible so there’s not as many earning problems from Flash.




Currently the best passive earner on InstaGC! Runs with no interaction for days as long as it’s not glitching out like it does sometimes. It will auto-reload when there’s new ads to play.

Find it on the OfferToro offer wall.

InstaGC Watch


Under the AdWall Offer Wall (otherwise known as Adscend Media), do any of the EngageMe.TV offers.

The Flash powered ones like App Trailers are more resource intensive but do get you more ads so try to run them if possible. If you can’t, the HTML5 ones like How-To and Gaming work also.

hyperMX, AdBistro, and Volume11 videos

These are very quick 1 point offers. Just check back every hour or so to see if they refilled.

Volume11 is currently not available but if it ever returns, the same should apply

Point Booster Codes

Like other sites, InstaGC also has codes but it works a bit differently.

There’s 3 types of codes:

Other Tips