InstaGC Tips

InstaGC is a great site for a few simple reasons:

  1. They have a supportive staff! Most websites don't seem to care about users at all but InstaGC works really hard to make sure users get the best they can.
  2. It's in their name! Insta aka Instant! Almost everything on their site pays out instantly and you can cash out for many gift cards or PayPal instantly.
  3. Almost everything (including videos) is HTML5/Mobile compatible so there's not as many earning problems from Flash.


  • v2: March 3rd, 2017
    • Videology is now VideoLab
    • Sort by most used method
    • Move Watch back to current stuff as they upped the cap and it runs smoother.
    • Add note about Volume11
    • Add more info about chat
  • v1: February 18th, 2017
    • Added more detail to EngageMe info
    • Add Videology
    • Move Watch to old tips
  • v0: December 26th, 2016
    • Moved from main Money page.



Currently the best passive earner on InstaGC! Runs with no interaction for days as long as it's not glitching out like it does sometimes. It will auto-reload when there's new ads to play.

Find it on the OfferToro offer wall.

InstaGC Watch

  • Works and runs best on Mobile devices
    • I do playlist 1 and 2 on my Xiaomi MiBox Android TV with Chrome sideloaded and a Bluetooth mouse to control.
  • No Flash
  • 3 playlists at the same time to earn 3x faster
    • Ideally spread it out across 2-3 devices instead of all on one to reduce the chance of crashes.
  • Weekly Bonus based on how many videos you watch and the "quality".
    • "Quality" includes things like users muting videos for example and it's based on every user combined, not just you.


Under the AdWall Offer Wall (otherwise known as Adscend Media), do any of the EngageMe.TV offers. The "videos watched to earnings ratio" isn't as good as Swagbucks but InstaGC does some other things good that still makes EngageMe.TV good to do here.

  • You can make an account directly on EngageMe.TV and link it to your InstaGC account. This means you can just go to EngageMe.TV to earn which is faster than digging through AdWall. Swagbucks doesn't offer this.
  • With InstaGC having instant cashout compared to SB, the fast earnings you make with EngageMe.TV can be very quickly redeemed if you need a dollar in a pinch.

The Flash powered ones like App Trailers are more resource intensive but do get you more ads so try to run them if possible. If you can't, the HTML5 ones like How-To and Gaming work also.

hyperMX, AdBistro, and Volume11 videos

These are very quick 1 point offers. Just check back every hour or so to see if they refilled.

Volume11 is currently not available but if it ever returns, the same should apply

  • AdBistro
    • Only has the timer window that the other two have but it's more consistent with times. The other two can be anywhere from 5 pages with 30 seconds wait for each to 20 pages with a 1 minute wait. AdBistro is almost always 3 pages with a 30 second wait.
    • For me at least, has more inventory than hyperMX making it appear more often.
  • hyperMX/Volume11
    • Both of these involve either watching a full video or opening a window that requires you to hit "Next" once a timer ends.

Point Booster Codes

Like other sites, InstaGC also has codes but it works a bit differently.

There's 3 types of codes:

  • Staff-provided
    • Almost everyday, InstaGC will post a code on their Facebook and Twitter that anybody can enter for so many points
    • Unlike SB, these aren't time-limited by an hour. They are usually available until the next day when they post a new code.
    • (who also does the SB codes) posts them as soon as they come out in their chat box and on a 2nd Twitter account (which you can use to get SMS/Push notifications.)
  • Chat codes
    • Once you hit $50 redeemed, you get access to the chat. Every hour or so a random code is posted.
    • Only so many people can use these codes so you have to be fast.
    • Having the code page open at all times to quickly switch to and enter the code makes this easier.
  • User-provided
    • Users can redeem their earnings to be generous and give other people points.
    • You choose the name which will always be prefixed with "IGC-" (For example, "IGC-XXXXXXXX") and how many points and users can use it
      • For instance, if you make the code for 10 users to get 10 points each, you would redeem 100 points to make the code.
    • These are occasionally posted in the chat and in comments on their Facebook page so keep an eye out for them.

Other Tips

  • Check the Ticker on the right of the page on Desktop or by clicking Ticker on the sidebar on mobile. This shows what offers people are getting points from in realtime. If you suddenly see 200+ people do an offer, it's probably really easy to get credit from.
  • Similarly, check the chat! Often users will post quick and easy surveys or offers they found.
  • Like Swagbucks, you can use InstaGC as your search engine to have a chance to get some points on your normal searches.