Welcome to the official page for CosiCast!


I like to split my content into various shows to organize everything better.

Current Shows

Normal Videos (aka Edits)Short random videos covering a range of things from music edits to memes. (formally called Shorties and not mentioned in the thumbnail/title since this is my normal content)
Fan Music Videos (aka FMVs)Music edits based on a topic or specific fandom using a full length song.
CosiCast LiveLive streams ranging from Gameplay to basically anything else I want to do
Promo PromotionsFan ads to promote Internet creators, TV Shows, Games, and more!

Canceled Shows

Cosi ConversationsVariety Show with news, music, tips, and more.
Cosi CommentaryReactions with an analytical twist!

Past Shows

The Weekly Prime5 topics recapped in 1-5 minutes.
Casting With CosiWeekly variety show featuring news, tips, spotlights, music, listener call-ins, and more on
In 60 SecondsA topic presented in a fast pace, visual only way! No text or talking, only images, videos, and music! (Merged Into Edits)