Announcing Castober!

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Redefining and Remaking CosiCast
Having just past the 2 year anniversary of making videos made me reflect on what I’ve made over these past couple of years. Seeing what I liked the most, what I hated, and thinking about what I can do to improve. I’ve noticed multiple things that I want to discuss about below and I’ll do it through a special event I’m calling Castober. Redefining 3 months ago, I announced some big changes to the channel and basically none of them happened…

No Love In This Timeline | Glitchtale Season 2

For once, nobody died! I applaud you Camila for holding back this one episode! Then again, it is only Part 1 so if Part 2 has deaths I guess someone did die, in that case, NotLikeThis Camila! CREDITS MUSIC The Undying (from the Glitchtale OST) - NyxTheShield (from Glitchtale OST) CLIPS Glitchtale S2 E4 - Love (Part 1) OUTRO MUSIC Energy - Michael Craig & Oliver Godfrey CAMILA CUEVAS Facebook DeviantArt Tumblr Twitter Twitch Patreon THE GLITCHTALE CAST/CREW Strelok (Sound Designer & Asgore/Frisk/Kumu) Zedrin (Sans/Gaster) Courtney (Betty) Jen (Jessica/Orange girl: Robin) Adox0graphist (Asriel/Undyne) Lumisau (Green boy: Cam) Meredith (Light-Blue Girl: Abigail) KateMarie999 (Alphys) Citrus (Papyrus)

Casting to new heights! | Big CosiCast Update!

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CosiCast is getting a major overhaul with some HUGE changes!
Redefining Current Shows At the end of last year, I made some changes to CosiCast to divide my content up into Shows based on the content. These included: Shorties: Short random videos covering a range of things from music edits to memes. In 60 Seconds: A topic presented at a fast pace, visual only way! No text or talking, only images, videos, and music! Promo Promotions: Fan ads to promote Internet creators from YouTube, Twitch, and more!

Ready, Set, DIE! | Glitchtale Season 2

With the new episode of Glitchtale, Love Part 1, being released today, I realized I completely forgot to do my usual edit for each episode! So for Do or Die, I decided to change things up slightly with my edit. I really tried to make it faster pace and cram more stuff in to seem more action packed. My other two edits for My Sunshine and Dust were both slower paced.

Bendy Builders | Bendy and the Ink Machine

I’ve been listening to this song a lot cause it’s so freaking catchy! So I decided to edit some cool fan animations/artwork together. I didn’t want to spend too much time so it’s not a full blown Fan Music Video but if you guys want it, let me know and maybe I’ll extend it later! CREDITS Bendy and the Ink Machine belongs to theMeatly Games. MUSIC Build Our Machine - DAGames

Jazzy Dragon Lolis | Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

First off, I want to say sorry for the severe lack of videos! I’ve either been way to busy or have no ideas when not. I just recently started getting into this wonderful anime and you should check it out also! Here’s an edit of some of the best clips from the show so far set to an instrumental of the show’s awesome, jazzy theme song! Also, since I have been away so long.

CosiCast 2016 Lookback

A lookback at how my video content improved in 2016.
From all the tragedies, YouTube’s crap, Trump, and more, this year has been one with many problems… However, there’s been good things also including great new games, Scientific and Medical breakthroughs, and even more. However, none of the above is the focus right now. Instead let’s take a moment to lookback at how I’ve improved the video content I make! This is the 2016 Lookback at CosiCast. (formally CosiTube and before that my name)