New Host, Same Site | Updates & Stuff 1

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Welcome to the first of a series of update posts I’ll be doing occasionally! This week, the site and email has been migrated to a new host New Host I’ve moved the site off of Ghosted and my Email off of ProtonMail. Now I’m using NearlyFreeSpeech and Gmail. Overall this should allow me to provide the same site for way less money and have more control over it. Why switch? While Ghosted was a quick and simple way to get Ghost up and running, there was a few things that made me want to switch.

Launch of the Casting With Cosi Show on!

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I launched a cool new variety radio show/podcast on! Check it out at the show page. The Nepdate!

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Funny titles aside, welcome to a new year with a new redesign for the site! Keep reading to learn about the changes or skip to the bottom for a tl;dr changelog. What’s New Theme The theme is changed from Caffeine by Kelvin Nguyen to Mapache by GodoFredo. Both themes are good but I liked the more modern style and easier customization of Mapache. Example: Caffeine required code editing to change Social links and logo while Mapache does it with Ghost’s simple Code injection making it easier to update.

Welcome to the new!

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So if you know me, I have a “habit” of constantly moving my site cause “reasons”. This time, hopefully this will be permanent now that I got great software and money to keep it alive! Great Software: Ghost In the past I have done many different CMS, Blog, and Static services for my sites. Wordpress, Blogger, Weebly, Webs, and even Tumblr are some of those many. Another one I used is Jekyll.

Social Media Update 2016: 'I would like a Jekyll with a splash of Tumblr and remove the Facebook'

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Hey guys, over the past few years I have maintained various blogs and social media accounts on platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. They are all great platforms but overtime I switched to Google+ for everything and re-sharing those G+ posts to my other accounts. Today, I’m switching this up so keep reading if you want to know what’s changing and where to look for content I share!

Updates on Life

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Life is hard, here is why I missed Home Screen Sunday!
An Apology Sorry for no HSS/Home Screen Sunday post last weekend. I am sorry if you expected it and it didn’t happen. Why? The reason why I missed it is because my dad was in the hospital on the Friday before and we all thought he had a heart attack but in reality, he had some really bad indigestion from Chili. Stupidest reason ever, right? However it made our life a little bit of a mess over that weekend.