More, More, More, and most importantly, MORE! | Updates & Stuff 3

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Another week and more updates! This week’s focus is doing more of various things.

Support Me Page Updated

If you love what I do, it would be really nice if you helped me to make more! That’s why I have a page with ways you guys can help me continue to do what I do. A lot of the options don’t even require you to have to spend money to do it.

I currently have many different kind of ways to help me on my support page:

  1. Direct Cash
    • Things like getting donations via PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, or tips/subscriptions on Vidme
    • I get cash directly and then buy anything I want to focus on with it)
  2. Commissions
    • When you buy stuff on my Store page, click the ads on the site, or view links.
    • Also includes Money Routine Referral Links
  3. Merch/Products
    • Physical items you can buy I made like my Bandcamp music, RedBubble stickers/shirts/mugs/etc, and my Wallpaper Collection.
  4. Gifts
    • All of the above give me money to spend on stuff but you also can just buy the stuff directly.
    • My Amazon Wishlist is the big example here. You buy the stuff with your Amazon account and it gets shipped to me.
  5. Feedback/“Spread the Word”
    • Lastly, if you have no money you can always just let me know how to improve and tell others to check out my stuff.

I’ve added some new things and updated the layout of everything!

New Methods: Site Fund Donations and more Crypto

Today’s first new method is a “Gifts” one. Do you like what I do explicitly on this site and would hate to see the site disappear? (things like my Money Routine) Well thanks to the new host I switched to in the first Updates & Stuff post, NearlyFreeSpeech, you can!

Simply go to my Contributions page on their site and you can add directly to the site’s funds to prevent it from going offline! They accept Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Dwolla, Bitcoin, and even physical checks if you mail it to them!

The site is paid daily via usage and currently only costs a couple bucks a month so even if you can only donate $5, that’s still about 3 months of extra time the site can stay up! This is a great way to support the site with not a lot of money.

The second method is about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I previously had a button on the page that showed my Bitcoin address so you could send me some. Times have changed though since I added that when it was originally hosted on my Tumblr! Bitcoin prices are now almost at $3K and many other coins have also become popular like Ether and Monero.

To allow more coins, I’ve swapped the CoinWidget button with a ShapeShift Shifty Button! This will open in a new window and allow you to send me basically any altcoin you have (they support basically all) and it will get converted and deposited into my Bitcoin wallet!

Layout Updates: Contributors Page and More

In addition to new ways to support me, I’m now gonna start recognizing people who have helped me (when/if somebody ever does!). There’s currently nobody so the page isn’t up but it will be linked in the header once somebody does!

If you want your name to be here, tell me who you are and 1 link you want featured (your website, YouTube, a referral, etc.) For example, people who use the new Site Fund donations I mentioned above can let me know this info in the “Message to Site Operator” box.

As for other various changes:

  • Renamed PayPal section to Cash and also added Dwolla.
  • Various layout improvements

Speed Updates

I did some more optimizations on images and other things to hopefully speed up the site even more.

  • Post thumbnails have been scaled down from original sizes (4K or 1080P usually) to 720P as they show small anyway as is so the bigger sizes did nothing more but use more disk space (making the site more expensive) and slow down pages.
  • Compressed resources Ghost itself uses in addition to my personal stuff.
  • A lot more I’m not gonna go in depth on.


New Videos

I finally released a Shorties for Glitchtale Do or Die like I’ve been meaning to get around to. (One on the newer episode “Love (Part 1)” is coming soon.)

Also released a Channel Trailer!

Post Updates

I forgot to make posts for some of the newer videos here so I went back to make them and changed them to use embeds since YouTube has been having so many issues.

That’s it for this Updates & Stuff but stay tuned for a separate CosiCast only Edition coming very soon since I have some BIG changes in store for CosiCast. So much more that it needs it’s own post!