Casting to new heights! | Big CosiCast Update!

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CosiCast is getting a major overhaul with some HUGE changes!

Redefining Current Shows

At the end of last year, I made some changes to CosiCast to divide my content up into Shows based on the content.

These included:

  • Shorties: Short random videos covering a range of things from music edits to memes.
  • In 60 Seconds: A topic presented at a fast pace, visual only way! No text or talking, only images, videos, and music!
  • Promo Promotions: Fan ads to promote Internet creators from YouTube, Twitch, and more!
  • Fan Music Videos (aka FMVs): Music edits based on a topic or specific fandom using a full-length song.

You might have noticed here recently that I’ve done a lot of Shorties, very few In 60 Seconds and FMVs, and no new Promo Promotions… You also might have noticed that each type is very similar and doesn’t have that clear of a divide. Today I’m making some changes to simplify and enhance them.

Shorties/In 60 Seconds

Shorties are going to stay mostly the same as it is now since it’s pretty clear what it is and I do a lot of them. However, In 60 Seconds is gonna be merged into Shorties as most of them weren’t exactly 60 seconds and Shorties are also usually about only 1 topic anyway as is.

The big difference here is actually a return of some older stuff! I used to do more of the funny meme ones (like the Gravity Falls/Nostalgia Critic thing if you remember that) but now it’s all been music mashups basically. I’m going to try and do more of the meme ones but don’t worry, music ones are still going to happen and they are likely going to be the majority still.

Fan Music Videos (FMVs)

These are also going to be staying mostly the same as before with 2 big differences:

  • Like Promo Promotions, I’m gonna be changing the Outro for these. Since they are Music Videos, I’m going to let the end of the music play over the outro instead of my normal Outro Music so it’s not as jarring and they can be listened to like normal music videos which usually end when the song does.
  • These are now going to be Vidme Exclusives! A big reason for this is since these rely on a full song, they are a lot more prone to DMCA/Music ID stuff than the small clips used in other videos. Also by moving these to Vidme, I can also open it up to more songs as I previously tried to only use royalty-free music for these because of the DMCA crap.

Promo Promotions

The changes to Promo Promotions are going to be a bit later down in the post. You’ll see why shortly.

Show Recap

So to recap all the changes above:

  • Shorties stay mostly the same but brings back more meme-like ones
  • In 60 Seconds is discontinued becomes a part of Shorties
  • Fan Music Videos stay mostly the same and are becoming Vidme Exclusive
  • Keep reading for Promo Promotions

New Shows

In addition to the changes to the existing shows to streamline them, I’m introducing two new shows!

Cosi Conversations

So do you remember back in April 2016 when I uploaded Episode 1 of a new series called “The Weekly Prime” before I even made the above 4 shows and that I never uploaded an episode 2 even though the show was supposed to be weekly? Do you also remember Casting With Cosi which I launched in March and then basically did the same thing? Yeah… so I kinda failed on that one!

Well, I’m bringing both back and merging them into a new show called Cosi Conversations! Like CWC, it’s going to be a full-on variety show instead of a fast-paced video with 5 topics like TWP. However, unlike CWC and like TWP, it’s going to be video and audio instead of audio-only.

So what is the show going to be like? It’s going to be a 30 minute to 1-hour program divided into the following segments:

  • The Prime:
    • I’m reprising the role of The Weekly Prime as a quick top 5 of my fave topics since the last episode inside of Cosi Conversations.
    • Basically going to be the same format as before but of course, with the addition of my voice.
  • Deep Discussions
    • I’m going to provide more detail and discuss a topic or two (could be one from The Prime or not)
  • Creator Casting
    • Showcasing new shows/videos/songs/channels/etc I like.
  • TechHouse
    • Reviving my TechHouse brand I had a long time ago for a segment about Technology
    • May include some sub-segments for Tutorials, Tips, news, etc.
  • Cosi’s Corner
    • Basically your standard fan mailbag segment. I’ll answer questions and stuff
    • If you have made fan-work of the channel mascot Cosi, I’ll show it off also.

Not every episode is going to include every segment of course and they can change in the future. Also, the show is going to be scripted unlike past shows to prevent rambling.

The show will always have at least one episode a month but may also have more. This way, I’m not locked into a tight weekly schedule that is easy to miss but I also don’t go months on end without posting it effectively canceling it. Audio versions will be on Anchor and SoundCloud while Video versions will be Vidme Exclusive.

Cosi Commentary

Obviously, by now, everyone has seen Reaction videos where people watch a video and well, react to what they saw. Cosi Commentary is a twist on the standard reaction concept! Not only will I be watching the video and giving my first “blind” reaction to it like normal reactions but I’ll then go back and analyze, theorize, and discuss the video in depth to provide my overall thoughts on the video and I’ll give it a rating of how much I liked it.

Like Cosi Conversations above, these are also going to be Vidme Exclusives.

CAST Channel

Now time for the biggest announcement of them all, Pravox VARIETY is coming back as CAST Channel! Like before, CAST Channel is going to be a linear web-based TV channel but with some changes to not only make it easier for me to manage but also more varied.


Instead of relying on YouTube Videos and all user submissions, I’m going to make edit together blocks of programs. The big advantage of this is I can make perfectly curated shows that I can replay exactly and schedule better. For comparison, the old style meant I had to add 30+ videos into a block and it played all the videos I added in a row making each block easily over 2 hours. I had to do this otherwise the channel would run out of content but it made it near impossible to manage as to replace the videos with fresh content, I had to completely delete the block which would also change the order it played.

Now I’ll be able to tightly pack stuff into neat 30-60 minute videos with “ad breaks” (more on this later) and be able to put a channel bug in the corner which I couldn’t do before at all. While this might take a bit longer to set up as I actually have to edit the videos together, it allows me to reuse full blocks! This means I can do encore airings and throw a past episode up if I need more time to complete the new one. Videos will be mostly picked by me and some others I talk with but there will be Viewer Submission Blocks which will contain videos viewers submit.

Current shows are to be determined (TBD) but you can expect Pravox PRESENTS (now CAST Presents), Pravox TUNE (CAST Tune) and Pravox TECH (CAST TechHouse) to come back and for the two new CosiCast shows to be a part of it.

Ad Breaks

So you know I mentioned above to keep reading for more info on Promo Promotions? Well, they are going to be a part of CAST alongside some other stuff in the ad breaks.

Each break will include a few retro ads, CAST Bumpers, and CAST Promos. CAST will not include any actually paid ads!! This is of course cause I’m playing others content of course and don’t want to monetize it. The retro ads are included for fun basically.

CAST Promos

CAST Promos are going to be like a mix of Promo Promotions and the previous Pravox VARIETY Presents ads with some additional changes.

From the Pravox format:

  • They will always start and end with the CAST logo.
  • They will use songs non-specific to the creator but unlike the old Pravox ones, it won’t always be Checkpoint by Nitro Fun but a select few songs. So not everyone will share the same song like Pravox but also not each video will have a unique song per creator.
  • Links to CAST website and Social Media.

From the Promo Promotions format:

  • Being divided up into sections based on their content.
  • Featuring Creator Info like Website and Social Media

And some new things:

  • Voice-over
  • Lower-third during the full video showing who the creator is at all times.
  • Sometimes, might include voice clips of the person.
  • I’m opening it up to more than just “creators”. Now, anything I want to make a trailer for basically. Some will be promos for actual things airing on CAST, others will be for creators, some might be for games, etc.
  • For promos that are about stuff airing, they will include the times they air.

CAST Recap

  • Pravox VARIETY is back as CAST Channel
  • More professional now with legit voice-overs, promos, etc.
  • Going to make actual edited shows
    • Pravox PRESENTS, TUNE, and TECH are coming back
    • The two new CosiCast shows will be included.
  • Ad Breaks that include fun retro ads but no actual paid ads
  • CAST Promos are a merge of the old Promo Promotions and VARIETY ads with some new tweaks.

CAST Channel isn’t ready yet so make sure to check back here or follow me on social media for more info!

Final Recap

  • Simplifying existing shows by merging Shorties and In 60 Seconds
  • Making two new shows which are going to be the first on-camera shows by me
  • Reviving Pravox VARIETY as CAST Channel

So CosiCast is expanding a lot!