Store, Secure, Speed, Splitting, and more S words! | Updates & Stuff 2

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Another Update so soon! :O Yep, I’ve made more changes since the move to the new server so I want to make another Update post!

New Site Features and Improvements

I’ve added a cool new thing to the site and also made some changes to make it even faster and more secure!

Cosi’s Commerce Store

Since I talk about a lot of products, I figured I would set up an AStore with Amazon where you can buy some things I like or talk about and support me in the process! It’s all handled through Amazon so it’s secure.


Speaking of secure, the site now has SSL via Let’s Encrypt! This will eventually allow cool new things like HTTP/2 and Service Worker that allows for the pages to load faster!

Speed Optimizations

These sections sure flow together well! I also made many speed optimizations to the website.

More images have been optimized! The biggest of which was the Dragon Maid video thumbnail which massively slowed down the home page since it was 15+ MB!! Now it and other post images have been shrunk significantly. Also, I reduced the homepage background and the avatar.

I’ve merged and modified some of the underlying Mapache theme code also. Since I only use the Purple theme variant, I merged it into the main CSS to speed up initial load times. I also made as many scripts as possible load asynchronously (aka at the same time) and deferred (aka they don’t load till the rest of the page has) so you can get to the content faster.

Content Updates

Money Routine

The Money Routine has been majorly overhauled! It’s now split into multiple pages which should make it easier to manage, faster to update and load, and eventually allow for more detailed instructional stuff mixed in. See the Changelog on the first page for more info!


I’m still working on more videos soon, just as always I have few ideas and I don’t want to make something just to get something out so be patient. If any of you has ideas, please let me know! I would love to hear them!

Other Stuff

  • Updated the Support Me page
  • Coinbase Pages Discontinued
  • Info about the new Store I mentioned above
  • Divide sections better

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any feedback on the updates below!