1st Month of Money Making | My Earnings and What I Do

EDIT: See my new dedicated money page for constantly updated info!

So today is September 21st (in Missouri/Central Time Zone) and on August 24th, I started using "Beer Money" apps. So while it's not the end of the September for a monthly roundup kind of post, it's the end of my first 4 weeks of money making so I figured I would write a bit about it! My earnings, my devices, what apps/sites, and more!

Disclaimer: I have no job because very few people want to hire an autistic teen who has weight, sight, sleep, and knee issues. So I'm here doing this all day and most likely make more than you would.

My Devices

So far I use 5 dedicated mobile devices, my main phone, and 2 PCs for money making. I also bought a Google OnHub to improve my internet this past weekend with ~$200 of birthday money.

Mobile Devices

  • Google Nexus 7 (2012)
  • Google Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Moto E (2015)
  • LG Optimus Zone 3 (first device bought for Money making)
  • BLU Energy X Plus (was main up till Monday)
  • Nextbit Robin (main device, got it Monday after winning a contest)


  • Acer Aspire Z All-in-one Desktop running Windows 10
  • TOSHIBA C55t Laptop with CloudReady (aka Chrome OS, Neverware makes it working with Google mostly for Schools to use it without upgrading old computers)

My Apps and Routine

I don't have any set schedule of what devices should be doing what at certain times but here's the basics of what I do.

If they are linked, it's my referral link! Otherwise, just search for them.

  • Swagbucks (Web+Apps)
    • Run as many of the Swagbucks apps as I can. Some days only SBTV and Lifestylez on 2 devices since they often give me non-stop bonus rounds but sometimes I do the rest also, usually max 3 devices (The 2013 Nexus and BLU for 2, my Robin also if 3)
    • ToolbarTV/Swagbutton videos is always running on my Laptop. Since it now works passively, it's just always there while I'm doing other stuff.
    • Swag codes and Inbox videos also if I remember them or they are not expired by time I get to them.
  • InstaGC (Web)
    • Watch section running on desktop 24/7 unless Playlist runs out while asleep.
  • Perk (Apps)
    • Perk TV is always running on the LG Optimus and Moto E 24/7. The BLU joins it overnight since Swagbucks is always messing up with the ads and the Nexus 7 (2012) joins after running...
    • AppTrailers runs on my Nexus 7 (2012) before turning on PTV and I convert the points to Perk. Also run though it on my Nextbit Robin and the BLU.
    • Use Viggle occasionally but rarely watch TV
    • Perk.tv and Viggle.tv get used some but they run like crap on my computers.
  • Checkpoints (Apps)
    • Runs on Nexus 7 (2012) overnight because what I said above under Perk.
    • First check in to the one business that appears nearby my house and then I play all the videos.
  • S'more and SlideJoy (Apps)
    • Lockscreen apps that pay each time you unlock your screen. Only use on my main (was BLU, now Robin)
  • Microsoft Rewards [formally Bing Rewards] (Web)
    • Search with Bing
    • Run Microsoft Edge for the browse and earn
    • Complete Dashboard tasks
  • EarnHoney (Web)
    • Ran the videos, don't anymore as the site is really prone to crashing my computers.

In addition, I run use Rabadaba, Foap, and Flii.by which pays for making posts. I haven't got anything yet so they aren't in the earnings below.

I've also tried some others but either couldn't get them to work or they take way to long. This includes Inbox Dollars, GiftHulk, and a few more.

My Earnings

So of course this is what you really want to know, right?

Also only Swagbucks has been since Day 1 so not all apps have had their full potential yet. Bing Rewards and the Lockscreens were started before Aug. 24th but I only started them regularly, non-stop 4 weeks ago with Swagbucks, I will include all-time earnings for those and only this months since the others are all all-time earnings.

With that said, here's my earnings this month:

  • Swagbucks: 6019 SB or $60.19
  • InstaGC: 1,938 Points or $19.38
  • Perk/AppTrailers/Viggle: 8,595 Perk Points or ~$8.60
  • Checkpoints: 784 points or ~$1.20
  • S'more:
    • All-time since May 15th, every day except 5/23-6/29 as I forgot to reinstall when phone got reset: 955 points or $9.55
    • This month: 270 points or $2.70
  • SlideJoy:
    • All time since October 2015 (can't remember exact date). Again every day except when I forgot to reinstall sometime between December 2015 and March 2016: $16 (their point values have changed since I started so don't have points for this one)
    • This month: 2,943 SlideJoy Carats or $2.94
  • Microsoft/Bing Rewards
    • All time, on and off since May 2014. Everyday since August 24th: 15,740 Microsoft Points aka 1574 Bing Credits before the rebrand or ~$15 for 2 Amazon gift cards, 1 Windows Store card, and 50 points donation to my old school.
    • This month: 7240 Microsoft Points or 1 $5 Amazon Gift Cards and 3240 points left to another one.

Total: ~$100.01 (some values might be slightly off like the Microsoft Rewards as they are harder to calculate but at least $100, possibly higher by a couple bucks or so)

All of that is merely from what I mentioned above! No referral earnings on any of them except InstaGC which 34.75 of the 1,938 is referrals (so not even a full dollar as 100=$1).

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