Ways To Support Me

If you like the various projects I do (or have done) in the past, a donation would be appreciated!

No money? No problem!

Do you want to help me but have nothing yourself? Fear not, you still can! One of the easiest ways is to signup for the "beermoney" services using the referral links on my Money Making Routine page.

Otherwise you can:

  • Share my content!
    • More people who see it, the more likely somebody who can donate will see it.
    • Also, more ad revenue on sites like YouTube
  • Critiques/Constructive Critcism
    • Tell me honestly what you think of my work (without being mean) and I can take that advice to improve my content (leading to more viewers)



Send it to me at my PayPal.me page.


If you use Bitcoin, click the donate button below and send your coin to the address.

My Coinbase page also works.

Other Ways

  • Tipping my Vid.me videos
    • Click "Tip CosiCast" underneath one of my videos.


You can also buy stuff from or for me!

Art Commissions

I can also do some Graphic Design work (mostly Wallpapers but Logos also)!

Just contact me at me@brandongiesing.com or on my Twitter for more details.