My Money Making Routine

If you are wondering how I making money doing what I do, this page will describe what services and devices I use plus links to blog posts with tips!

Disclaimer: I have no job because very few people want to hire an autistic teen who has weight, sight, sleep, and knee issues. So I'm here doing this all day and most likely make more than an average person would doing this. Your results may very.


Here I'll mention what updates I made to this page.

  • v2.3: Feburary 18th, 2017
    • Changelog
      • Move Changes for tip pages to tip page itself.
      • Changed versioning scheme. Now first number is for major updates (aka update the earnings), the second is for other big changes (like adding tons of info without updating earnings), and the third is mostly for very minor things like spelling.
    • Tips Pages
      • Added changelogs like mentioned above
      • Updated SB, InstaGC, and Perk
    • Apps and Sites
      • Moved SlideJoy to former and added Fronto instead.
    • Devices
      • Moved one of the LG Zone 3 devices to Former cause the battery bloated (a very bad thing) and waiting for replacement.
  • v2.2.1: January 25th, 2017
    • Add
  • v2.2: January 24th, 2017
    • Fix year in changelog for v2.0.1
    • Apps and Sites
      • Add and Niume
      • Add referral links/codes to Rabadaba,, and S'more.
      • Update Referral Disclaimer with to mention the links shortened with an ad redirect for transparency.
  • v2.1: January 23rd, 2017
    • Devices
      • Added BLU R1 HD
      • Moved HP Stream to Former
    • Updated page formatting for new website design.
    • Reordered changelog with newest first instead of oldest.
  • v2: December 26th, 2016
    • Added this Changelog!
    • Sections have more details
    • Devices
      • Separated Main Devices from Dedicated Devices
      • Added 3 more Zone 3's, 1 HP Stream 8, 1 Xiaomi Mi Box, and 1 ASUS Chromebook Flip
      • Grouped both Nexus 7's as one device even though they are different year models.
      • Give additional info about each device including alternatives for some of them.
    • Tips
      • Added tip section for me to provide some helpful tools.
      • Moved InstaGC and Perk Tips in App list to separate pages like I did with Swagbucks and add more tips to each
      • Updated Swagbucks tips
    • Apps and Sites
      • Former section now divided by the same categories as the Current ones.
      • Added YooLotto and AdFun
      • Moved InboxDollars, Adlove, Adme,, and FeaturePoints to Former
    • All Time Earnings
      • Only show USD amount now instead of the site's points and USD.
      • Now only including amounts I have actually redeemed unless the site already pays in USD or does the point-to-USD conversion. This is so I'm not estimating how much I've gotten.
      • Now divided in the same categories as the app list.
      • Added the difference since the last update.
  • v1.2: November 1st, 2016
    • Separated device list into mobile devices and PC categories with current and former sections
    • Apps/Site List
      • Separated into Passive Videos, Social Networking, Panels, and Other categories
      • Added tons, some new and others I forgot to add
      • Added Former category and moved some to it
    • Updated Swagbucks Tip Page
    • Some misc page tweaks
  • v1.1: October 22nd, 2016
    • Sold BLU and bought iPhone 5S
    • Moved Swagbucks info to separate tips page
  • v1: October 13th, 2016
    • Moved to this separate page
    • Updated and added All-Time Earnings
  • v0: September 21st, 2016

My Devices

So far I use 9 dedicated mobile devices and 2 dedicated PCs plus occasionally my main phone, Android TV, and 2 PCs for money making.

Mobile Devices

Main Devices

These run the occasional app but aren't running 24/7 like my dedicated devices.

  • Nextbit Robin
    • Lockscreen Apps only run on here
    • Other apps run occasionally.
  • Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV
    • When not watching TV, I use this also.
  • (3) LG Optimus Zone 3
  • (2) Google Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013 models)
  • (1) Moto E (2015)
  • (1) iPhone 5S
  • (1) BLU R1 HD
  • (1) BLU Energy X Plus
  • (1) LG Optimus Zone 3
    • Battery bloated, waiting to get replacement


Main Devices

These run the occasional app but aren't running 24/7 like my dedicated devices.

  • Acer Aspire Z All-In-One (Kubuntu 16.10)
    • Came with Windows 10 but I prefer Linux.
  • ASUS Chromebook Flip (Chrome OS)
    • This Chromebook is one of the few to also support Android apps! This means you can also use most of the mobile apps below in addition to websites.
  • TOSHIBA C55t Laptop (Kubuntu 16.10)
    • Came with Windows, Linux optional but runs better.
    • A lighter distro like Xubuntu, Lubuntu, or Ubuntu MATE would work better but I prefer KDE.
  • HP Stream 8 Tablet (Windows 10)
    • Upgraded from Windows 8, not necessary.
    • Install updated drivers


  • UNITEK 10-port Charging Station (for organising)
  • 6 ANKER PowerLine+ Short Micro USB Cables (Need to buy the other 4 still)
    • The cheaper PowerLine ones (instead of "PowerLine+") should work also but might break easier without the braiding.
  • Google OnHub by ASUS
    • If you want to buy one, I recommend the newer version called Google Wifi instead. Slightly cheaper, better speeds, and you can combine multiple to increase house coverage.


  • Reboot and clean devices regularly to keep everything running smoothly.
    • On a rooted Android, Power Schedule and SD Maid can help with this.
    • On Windows, look into making Task Scheduler Basic Tasks to do this.
    • Set a alarm/reminder to make sure you remember to re-enable all your apps after the auto reboot otherwise you aren't earning anything.
  • Use VNC or TeamViewer Host so you can check on your devices while away from them.
  • When buying dedicated money devices, don't just go straight for the cheapest ones! Yes they maybe cheap but they might need replaced more often and you would have saved in the long run by spending a bit more.
    • Good Example here is the LG Lucky/Sunrise ($10) vs the Optimus Zone 3/Rebel LTE ($20). Both can run most apps fine but the first one has had many "bricking" issues for money makers.
    • Bricking is when a device becomes completely unusable (won't turn on or connect to internet) essentially making it a "brick" on your desk.

Apps and Sites

I don't have any set schedule of what devices should be doing what at certain times but here's the basics of what I do.

If they are linked or include a code, it's my referral link! Plus, they are shortened with which shows an ad redirect. So if they don't have a link or you don't want to use my referrals/paid links, just search for them with your favorite search engine instead.



Not the fastest earners but if you are a busy person, most of these require only occasional check ups!

  • Swagbucks (Web+Apps)
  • InstaGC (Web)
  • Perk (Web+Apps)
  • Rewardable TV (Apps) [Use Code: BGIESING for Referral]
    • Watch the any of the playlists 24/7
      • Top Trending GIF or Streaming Sketches are my usual ones.
  • Checkpoints (Apps) [Use Code: bgiesing for referral]
    • Tap "Play All" under videos.
    • Check into to nearby businesses.
  • YooLotto (Apps) [Use Code: F9OUTA for referral]
    • Run "Watch & Earn" 24/7
  • Adfun (Apps)
    • Run Channel 5 24/7
    • Do Daily Check-in
  • (Web)
    • Basically a website that only has and instant cashouts.
    • Pays in Bitcoin, PayPal, and some gaming services for skins
    • Gambling
    • Works as a Twitch tipping service (ala Streamlabs/TwitchAlerts or Streamtip)
Social Networking

These aren't going to be fast earners either but if you are already going to promote stuff you make, might as well earn a few cents from it.

  • Rabadaba (Web+Apps)
    • Post as much as you can! More posts equals more points!
    • Don't spam or use content you don't own! One it's against the rules and second, people are more likely to vote for good content.
    • Up/Down vote as many posts as you can a day. Try to hit the limit.
    • Redab/Repost other's works.
    • Make a hashtag to categorize your posts! It's easier for people to vote on your stuff if they can find it (since Rabadaba doesn't let people filter redabs out of your profile.
  • Foap and (Web+Apps)
    • Post your original photographs and drawings! Foap has people pay like Stock images and monetizes with ad earnings like YouTube.
    • also allows videos so use it in addition to YouTube.
  • Niume (Web)
    • Blogging platform similar to Medium (aka you make articles without worrying about maintaining your own site) that pays.
    • Also allows photo posts like and Foap.
  • Cross Media Panel/Screenwise (Web/Apps)
    • Install Chrome/Firefox addon and Android/iOS apps
  • Panel App by Placed (Apps)
    • iOS and Android
    • Connect Facebook for a bonus
    • Do bonus poll questions when you get the notification for it
  • S'more [Use Code: TQOYZ0 for referral] and Fronto (Apps)
    • Lockscreen apps that pay each time you unlock your screen. Only used on my main.
  • Microsoft Rewards [formally Bing Rewards] (Web)
    • Search with Bing
    • Run Microsoft Edge for the browse and earn
    • Complete Dashboard tasks
  • Surveys on the GO (Apps)
    • Do the quick surveys.
  • ReceiptHog (Apps)
    • Snap photos of all your receipts within 14 days of purchase
    • Do the slots if you get spins
    • Connect Amazon and email for one-time coin bonuses and 5 free sweep entries every month.
  • Google Opinion Rewards (Apps)
    • Do the super easy questions and get Play Store credit on Android for apps, movies, music, books, etc.
  • (Web)
    • Use on this site and social media to shorten links and show entry/exit ads for monetization.


These ones I used to do but stopped because I either couldn't get them to work at all or they take way too long.

  • EarnHoney (Web/Apps)
    • Ran the videos, don't anymore as the site is really prone to crashing my computers.
  • InboxDollars (Web+Apps)
    • Confirm all PaidEmails (2 cents each)
    • Do InboxDollars TV (I do the Tech channel as it's short videos)
    • Do the 50 daily videos in the video section (not TV, confusing right?)
    • Sweeps entries are a separate point system so enter them as you won't lose any of your earnings.
  • AdLove (Apps) [Referral only for first 15 people!! 0/15 used!]
    • Do Bonus Video and Another Bonus Video sections till you hit the limit.
  • Adme Lockscreen (Apps)
    • Adme is super laggy and slow.
  • (Web)
    • Disable Lottery in Settings and try to stock up on Reward Points (RP) by redeeming RP for a RP bonus on each roll.
  • FeaturePoints (Apps)
    • Download apps to make money
    • Awesome referral program where you get 50% of what your friends get for life!
  • SlideJoy (Apps)

All-Time Earnings

Updated as of: December 26th, 2016 at 7:44 PM CDT/CST

These are all the earnings I have got since I started. Most have only been since August 24th, 2016 but some of the things (like Google Opinion and Microsoft Rewards) I did before then.

If a site above isn't here, it's because I don't include most sites that haven't paid out yet as I primarily track this via the cashouts I received, not the point balances. One exception is if the site tells me it in dollar value instead of points as it's easy to calculate it. I will say if it hasn't paid yet.


  • Swagbucks: $433.98
  • InstaGC: $173.77
  • Perk/AppTrailers/Viggle: $82.10
  • Checkpoints: $15
  • Rewardable TV: $97.20
  • YooLotto: $25.31
Social Networking

Both haven't hit minimum cashout yet.

  • Rabadaba: $1.72
  • $0.02
  • Cross Media Panel: $48
  • Panel App by Placed: $2.87
  • S'more: $15.66
  • Microsoft/Bing Rewards: $25
  • Surveys on the GO: $5 (no cashout yet)
  • ReceiptHog: ~$1.54 (no cashout yet)
  • Google Opinion Rewards: $56


  • InboxDollars: $27.65
  • AdLove: $5
  • Adme: $10
  • 0.00151164 BTC (currently ~$1 but BTC changes everyday)
  • FeaturePoints: $2
  • SlideJoy: $25

Total: $1,053.82

A difference of ~$413.90 since last update from November 1st, 2016 at 5:48 AM CDT/CST!

All of that is merely from what I mentioned above! No referral earnings on any of them except InstaGC which ~$11.14 of the $173.77 is referrals.

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